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About the Issues with Code Signing Checks in Little Snitch

A security vulnerability was recently disclosed by Josh Pitts, a security researcher at Okta. This vulnerability affects third-party macOS apps that check the code signatures of other apps by tricking them into treating a maliciously crafted fat binary as coming »

Little Snitch 4

A new major upgrade for Little Snitch 4 is now available! ๐ŸŽ‰ Weโ€™ve been hard at work to get many new features into this version and we think with all the new features, youโ€™re really going to like it! »

Little Snitch 4 Public Beta

Say hello to the public beta version of Little Snitch 4! Update: The public beta of has concluded. Little Snitch 4 is available. »

Black Friday Sale 2016

Save 50% on LaunchBar, Little Snitch, and Micro Snitch! Shop now »

Using Swift Protocols to Separate Socket Functionality

This blog post is the fifth in a five part series about POSIX Sockets in Swift and our SocketWrapper library: A POSIX Socket API Wrapper in Swift Modeling Simple Data in Swift: struct versus typealias Low-Level Network Address Resolving in »