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Little Snitch and the Deprecation of Kernel Extensions

You probably came here because your Mac showed a message telling you that software from “Objective Development Software GmbH” (Little Snitch) loaded a system extension that will no longer be compatible with a future version of macOS and that you »

All That Glitters is not Gold

In February 2019, security experts from Trend Micro published an article about a new variety of malware. This particular attempt gained additional attention because it was the first time that cybercriminals tried to run an .exe file (Windows executable) on »

Little Snitch on Vault 7

We’ve been receiving a number of questions regarding Little Snitch being mentioned in the CIA Vault 7 documents that were made public on WikiLeaks. The published documents don’t provide any indications that surveillance agencies were able to circumvent »

The Sixth Sense

As a longtime LaunchBar user, you probably know them all — LaunchBar’s five superpowers: Abbreviation Search, Browsing, Sub-search, Send To and Instant Send. With LaunchBar 6.1, we are proud to introduce a sixth superpower: Staging. Staging is a technique »

Why doesn’t LaunchBar scroll “naturally”?

This question arises from time to time, so I’d like to explain the difference between natural scrolling in regular OS X windows and scrolling in LaunchBar. In contrast to other windows, when you scroll the item list in LaunchBar, »