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Little Snitch on Vault 7

We’ve been receiving a number of questions regarding Little Snitch being mentioned in the CIA Vault 7 documents that were made public on WikiLeaks. The published documents don’t provide any indications that surveillance agencies were able to circumvent »

The Sixth Sense

As a longtime LaunchBar user, you probably know them all — LaunchBar’s five superpowers: Abbreviation Search, Browsing, Sub-search, Send To and Instant Send. With LaunchBar 6.1, we are proud to introduce a sixth superpower: Staging. Staging is a technique »

Why doesn’t LaunchBar scroll “naturally”?

This question arises from time to time, so I’d like to explain the difference between natural scrolling in regular OS X windows and scrolling in LaunchBar. In contrast to other windows, when you scroll the item list in LaunchBar, »

LaunchBar 5.5.1 – Enrich Your Snippets!

Plain Text Snippets Creating plain text snippets in LaunchBar is easy. Instant send some text to LaunchBar and invoke “Add Snippet”. That’s it. Rich Text Snippets Creating rich text snippets is just as easy. Take an existing snippet in »